About Terry Harris

Okanagan First Nation facilitator working
with Native communities and organizations

We are the resource ~
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Here is what I have to say about the Native Lifeskills website:

Canadian First Nation communities and individuals are now emerging from what is likely the darkest period of North American Aboriginal history. From the ashes of the Catholic Mission School experience, from rampant alcoholism and abuse of all description, and despite legislated discrimination and social marginalization, the Canadian Indian is recovering and moving on into a bright and potentially golden era.

Increases in education, health, management skills, sobriety, and spirituality are some of the most exciting aspects of modern Native life in Canada.

The Canadian corporate world and popular media are discovering First Nations people and culture like never before. These opportunities bring increased change and challenge. And, as well, questions like:

Are we prepared to meet and exploit these changes in a good and productive way?

Will we know the right thing to do when confronted with new and different challenges?

What must be done to clear the way for new growth?

Terry has dedicated his life and career to answering these questions and implementing permanent positive change wherever he may conduct his highly insightful and motivational workshops.

Terry has completed the Native Adult Instructor Diploma program, Okanagan College and is a graduate of Training for Trainers and The Art and Science of Coaching accredited programs from Erickson College in Vancouver, BC.

Here you will find information about his work and how you can bring him to your own community.

Imagine a future where a happy and healthy community is normal, where your kids are safe and secure in their own Life-giving culture, surrounded by mature and stable family members.

Just imagine! Now - step into that future...

Use these workshops as stepping stone for that journey:

Beyond Assimilation Series

  • Sacred Fools
    Intuitive Leadership in Times of Change

  • Parenting Powerful Children
    Learn to teach your kids key life skills: self-reliance, communication, respect and self reliance

  • Media Relations
    Taking Control of Your Media Image

  • Managing Prosperity
    Learning to handle and survive financial success

  • Good Fences - a Staff Integration Workshop
    Getting your support groups' total focus and resources aligned

  • Who Wants to Play in a Band?
    Giving the youth in your community the instruments and form a band!

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